The Bedtime Book

fun animal rhymes help your child to sleep

The perfect way to finish a bedtime routine and signal to children that it is time for sleep.

It is time for bed with this fun, animated rhyme that has children tap each animal to send it running off to sleep.

Have fun with Fox, Crow, Wolf, Hare, and Tortoise as all the Aesop animals finish their day and go to bed. Illustrated color storybook pages and animations are included along with a read-aloud narrator.

Available for iPad and iPhone

Aesop releases our apps on iPhone and your iPad. The Bedtime Book is optimized to provide you with the best possible user experience on whatever device you own. Access the app on your iPhone and on your iPad with a download from the app store.

iPhone users can easily access all of the same features that are available in the iPad version.

Color illustrated storybook pages and animations

The download includes the complete story with a twelve page illustrated rhyme and fun, colorful animations. Join Aesop’s five animal friends on an adventure as each of them ends their day and crawls into bed to go to sleep. Make it part of your bedtime routine by ending the story with your own child getting in bed and going to sleep.

Appropriate storybook text for readers of all ages

Children of any age will enjoy sending the animals off to sleep and hearing the story’s soft nursery rhyme before bed. Poetry on each page tells the animals to end the day and head home to bed. An available narrator can even read the story out loud to children so that they can enjoy the book themselves before going to sleep.