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October 5 , 2012

A new update has been released for our popular Pregnancy Progress app. Download the updated version now from iTunes and enjoy great new features like weekly medical information about your pregnancy.

Pregnant women can easily track and record all their pregnancy memories in the app. Download now Pregnancy Progress: baby journal + medical info for pregnant women by Aesop.

July 18 , 2012

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April 11 , 2012

Aesop already offers our app customers free, data backup on our servers. Now, with iCloud available from Apple, we can create an even safer environment for your data. Plus, the iCloud updates make it easy to sync data between an iPhone and iPad if you are using one of our universal apps.

Look for iCloud enabled updates for all of our apps coming soon.

February 15 , 2012

Baby Sleep + Eat journal is now available for download at iTunes. A great tool for newborn and toddler care, the app helps parents easily record and share all of their growing baby’s milestones along with sleep, eat, and medical data. Parents can easily set timers to record how long baby sleeps or eats each day and scan reports to spot baby’s routines.

Like all Aesop apps, Baby Sleep + Eat Journal is available for download on iPhone and iPad as a universal app at iTunes and is available in nine global languages.

January 4 , 2012

Aesop has had a very exciting response from new app users this holiday season. It is wonderful to see lots of new iPhone and iPad users enjoying our parenting apps and learning how Aesop apps help parents capture memories as children grow. Aesop apps support nine different languages and we are excited for all our new users around the globe.

Aesop has big plans for 2012 including new apps available soon and exciting updates to existing apps as iOS adds additional features. Please follow us on Twitter and visit us at Facebook to stay current on all of Aesop’s exciting new developments.

November 21 , 2011

An update to our Nightlight + Sleep Sounds app is available at iTunes. This app provides soft light and soothing sounds to help your child fall asleep at night. Parents can play white noise, rainstorms, forest sounds, or a classic lullaby so children can slumber peacefully and easily.

Also an update to our Popular Baby Names app has been released with the latest baby names, charts, and rankings. New features in the baby names app includes a Top 10 chart so parents can easily browse the most popular boys and girls names of the last 100 years.