Solving parenting dilemmas one app at a time.

October 6 , 2011

Today a new photo sharing option debuts in our Pregnancy Progress app. Now as you take pictures of your pregnancy you can send them as real physical photos in the mail. Click on your favorite pregnancy moment and select to ship it as a postcard to your family or friends. Printing and shipping it out will be all taken care of for you. All of this comes courtesy of the Sincerely product group and their Ship Library. One of our goals with Pregnancy Progress is to help families share important moments and milestones. Now, our users can bring the special touch of a postcard to those experiences.

September 28 , 2011

Pregnancy Progress is now available for download at iTunes. The app helps pregnant women easily record their progress as they count down to their due date. We wanted to make sharing pregnancy moments with friends and family easy so the app has twitter and facebook integrated. The app also tracks medical appointments, questions, and symptoms.

Like all of our apps, Pregnancy Progress is available for download as a universal app at iTunes and is available in 9 global languages.

August 4 , 2011

Popular Baby Names has been released and is now available for download at iTunes for iPhone and iPad. If you are trying to find that special name for your new baby then this app is for you. All of the most popular names from the last 100 years plus the latest names and rankings are included. Please download the app and let us know what you think. We will work hard to incorporate user feedback so that the next version of the app will be even better.

Popular Baby Names is currently featured at iTunes as New & Noteworthy.

July 22 , 2011

Fertility Clock is now available for the iPhone and iPad. Fertility Clock helps parents pick the right time to have a baby. The app is perfect for family planning and trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy. Like all of our apps, Fertility Clock is available for download as a universal app at iTunes and it is available in 9 global languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

July 14 , 2011

All of our apps have new updates available for download at iTunes for iPhone and iPad. Please remember to back up your data before updating so that you don’t risk erasing all of your app data.

Right now available for download are updates to Nightlight + Sleep Sounds, Period Pace, Contractions Counter, and Nursery Clock + Flashlight. Please check them out online and download them now to take advantage of some great improvements to each of the apps. And keep sending us in your suggestions so that we can work to make all of the apps better for you.

June 29 , 2011

Another one of ours apps has been released. This app is perfect for parents and babysitters who are frequently in the nursery at night to check on, feed, or soothe the baby. Nursery Clock + Flashlight by Aesop is now available for download at iTunes for iPhone and iPad.

The app includes an LED flashlight for soft light to use in the nursery and a bright, clear digital clock that is easy to read. It also includes two stopwatch to time how long baby has been feeding, crying, or sleeping.