Solving parenting dilemmas one app at a time.

June 21 , 2011

Nightlight + Lullaby Songs has been released and is now available for download at iTunes for iPhone and iPad. This new, universal app from Aesop provides soothing sounds and soft light to help your child sleep. Six unique nightlight images all inspired by classic Aesop’s fables are available to choose from. Also included are over a dozen lullaby songs and nature sounds that help soothe your baby and drown out any outside disturbances. Use it at home in the nursery or when traveling to create a quiet and peaceful environment for your child to sleep in.

June 10 , 2011

Our second app has been released into the iTunes store. The response our first app has gotten is great and this new app is ready to launch. Period Pace is now available for iPhone and iPad as a free download. The app makes it easy for women and their partners to know the upcoming menstrual cycle and plan for the future.

May 23 , 2011

Aesop has released the first of our apps. Contractions Counter is now available at iTunes for iPhone and iPad. The app should be a great tool for pregnant women and their partners to use during those last few days of pregnancy when the hospital bags is all packed and everyone is ready for labor to begin.

Please download it now and then send us your suggestions (along with your labor and delivery stories) so that the next version of the app can be even better.