Contractions Counter

track and time your labor contractions

Perfect in the last trimester of pregnancy for separating true labor from false or practice contractions.

Make it easy to track and time your contractions with Contractions Counter by Aesop. Simply start the timer when a contraction begins and stop the timer when the contraction ends. Contractions Counter will record the time and length of each contraction along with how often contractions occur. View the log book of contractions or access graphs and reports to check how long contractions last and how often they occur.

Available for iPad and iPhone

Aesop releases all of our apps as Universal Applications so that you can use them on your iPhone and your iPad. Contractions Counter is optimized to provide you with the best possible user experience on whatever device you own. Access the app on your iPhone and on your iPad with just one simple download. iPad users can easily access the same timers, reports, log books, and graphs that are available in the iPhone version.

Time how long contractions last and how often they occur

Use the app in the last trimester of your pregnancy to record your contractions. The app easily tracks and times how long your contractions last and how often your contractions occur. Contractions Counter calculates for you if contractions are getting longer or shorter and if they are occurring faster or slower. Easily track labor progress with reports and graphs.

Quickly email labor progress to your partner, doctor, or friends.

Contractions Counter can email export all of your contractions records so that other people can monitor your labor progress. Send your contractions data to your doctor during your last trimester or send it to yourself after delivery so that you can add it to your baby book.