Fertility Clock

choose the right time to have a baby

Track your menstrual cycle to see when your fertility level is high and when your next period will begin.

Make family planning easy by managing your menstrual cycle with Fertility Clock by Aesop. Simply record the start of each period along with medical symptoms like spotting, waking temperature, and cramps. Then view calendars and charts to determine how fast your period arrives and what days you will be fertile in the future. Perfect for trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

Available for iPad and iPhone

Aesop releases all of our apps as Universal Applications so that you can use them on your iPhone and your iPad. Fertility Clock is optimized to provide you with the best possible user experience on whatever device you own. Access the app on your iPhone and on your iPad with just one simple download. iPad users can easily access the same data, reports, calendars, and graphs that are available in the iPhone version.

Stop having to guess when your next period will start

Remove the guessing game of when your period starts and when you will be fertile by predicting out future cycles months ahead. Fertility Clock calculates for you when each period will start and the app tracks for you any symptoms that arise during your cycle. Track medical stats during your cycle like spotting, cervical fluid, cramps, and (basal) waking temperature.

Have a baby at the right time and even influence if it is a boy or girl

Fertility Clock can help you manage your menstrual cycle so that you know when you ovulate. Use this information to pick the right day to make a baby so that you have the best chance of influencing the gender to make a baby boy or girl. Also view reports and charts for additional details like upcoming fertility windows and the projected due date of a baby conceived this cycle.