Nursery Clock + Flashlight

makes it easy to check on your baby at night

Perfect for going in and out of the nursery at night to soothe, change, or feed your newborn.

Convenient clock and flashlight designed for parents to use during late night check-ins on the baby. Includes a LED flashlight for soft light to use in the nursery and a bright, clear digital clock that is easy to read. Use the clock to set a quick alarm to remind you when it’s time for a feeding. Also tracks how much bottle was fed and what side to nurse on. Stopwatch timers track how long the baby has been feeding, crying, or sleeping.

iPad users can easily access all of the same features that are available in the iPhone version.

Aesop releases all of our apps as Universal Applications so that you can use them on your iPhone and your iPad. Nursery Clock is optimized to provide you with the best possible user experience on whatever device you own. Access the app on your iPhone and on your iPad with just one simple download.

Bright flashlight and clock to cut through the darkness

Remove the guessing game of what time it is and how long you have been in the nursery. Bright, clear digital clock with hours/minutes/seconds and an alarm makes it easy to keep track of the time during late night visits. Set an alarm to remind you when it is time for a midnight feeding or time to check on the baby. Use the flashlight to provide soft, ambient light for nursing, feeding, or checking-in on the baby.

Make late night bottles and breast feedings easier with markers and timers

Nursery Clock + Flashlight can help you keep track of bottle and breast feedings. The app records the amount of bottle fed (in ounces or ml) and also records if baby last breastfed on the left or the right side. The app also includes two helpful stopwatches that make it easy for parents to time how long baby has been crying or time the length of late-night visits to feed, nurse, soothe, or check-in on the baby.