Period Pace

quickly chart your menstrual cycle

Stop wondering when your period will arrive. Use this easy app to manage your menstrual cycle.

Make it easy to achieve or avoid pregnancy with Period Pace by Aesop. Simply enter the first day of your period along with other medical symptoms that you want to track each cycle. The app predicts your future periods by calculating the average length of your cycle. Quickly view on the calendar all the upcoming high fertility and low fertility dates to know what to expect in the future.

Available for iPad and iPhone

Aesop releases all of our apps as Universal Applications so that you can use them on your iPhone and your iPad. Period Pace is optimized to provide you with the best possible user experience on whatever device you own. Access the app on your iPhone and on your iPad with just one simple download.

Know when your period will arrive in the future

Remove the guessing game of when the next period will arrive and even predict out future cycles months ahead to help with planning. Period Pace calculates for you when each period will start and the app tracks for you any symptoms that arise during your cycle. Track medical stats like spotting, cervical fluid, cramps, and waking temperature.

Quickly email menstrual cycle information to your doctor or partner

Period Pace can email export all of your menstruation records so that your doctor or partner can monitor your cycle progress. Send your cycle data to your doctor when trying to plan a pregnancy or send it to your partner when trying to plan for the future. Known when your period arrives and stop wondering when in the future your period cycle will arrive.