Popular Baby Names

find a special name for your new baby

All of the most popular names from the last 100 years plus the new for 2012 names and rankings.

Easily explore all of the most popular baby names to discover the perfect name for your new baby. Includes the origins and the meanings of names along with recent popularity trends. Search the most popular American names or the most popular names from over ten different countries like Australia, England, France, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, and Sweden.

Available for iPad and iPhone

Aesop releases all of our apps as Universal Applications so that you can use them on your iPhone and your iPad. Popular Baby Names is optimized to provide you with the best possible user experience on whatever device you own. Access the app on your iPhone and on your iPad with just one simple download. iPhone users can easily access all of the same features that are available in the iPad version.

Includes the origins and meanings of popular names

Detailed information for each name lists the origin, meaning, and gender. The current rank of the name and the all time top rank of the name are included along with the year that the name was most popular. Current trend information is also listed in the name detail to show if names are gaining or losing popularity.

New for 2012 results data and ranks for all of the names

Includes 2012 names results with Sophia the new #2 names for girls and Isabella the most popular girl name for the second year in a row. New for 2012 changes on the boys side includes Aiden entering the top 10 most popular names for the first time at #9. Easily examine all of the most popular names to create a list of your favorite names and choose a name for your new baby.